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Friday, April 25, 2008


A retraction

Mika: You has slanderded Mika!

Kit: What's that, sweetie?

Mika: You put up post saying Mika no catch mowze.

Kit: I did, honey. It was true at the time.

Mika: Mika catched mowze! Mizes! Two mizes! Mika the mighty!

Kit: That's true. You did, you clever girl.

Mika: Mika the magnificent!

Kit: I know. You're a good girl to catch the polluting mice.

Mika: Even gave you mowze as present!

Kit: That's true, sweetie, when you were done playing with it you did leave it on the sofa for us.

Mika: You is ungrateful Febreezer.

Kit: No, baby, we really did appreciate the thought. You know how much we love you.

Mika: And does you say on blog at once that Mika the marvellous caught mowze? No! You leaves everyone thinking Mika can't catches mize. You is lying hack.

Kit: Mika! Where did you learn that word?

Mika: Cats in garden teach Mika. I is goin to use your phone and report you.

Kit: Mika, darling, don't be mad. I was just too busy writing blogs about sex and violence.

Mika: Yes. And you spays Mika too, sex writing meanie Kit.

Kit: Mika honey, tom cats have barbs on their genitals. You really don't want any of those.

Mika: Hmf.

Kit: Mika, you're a clever girl, and you've very brave. If I post a retraction, will you forgive me?

Mika: Want fish treat too.

Kit: Of course you can have one.

Mika: Yay! Mika the miraculous!

Mika is adorable as well as miraculous!

I'm largely a lurker at Slacktivist. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you being a voice of insight, rationality, creativity, and good sense over there... what I used to appreciate Jesurgislac for being. I've been following Slacktivist since before Fred started his LB series, and until recently she was one of my biggest idols. She has always come in for a lot of lying sexist crap and ill-informed insult from the likes of Bug, Jeff, and Duane, and it seemed to me, at the time, at least, that she was able to deflate it with wit and grace. Sometime lately, she seems to have gone at least half off the rails. Why, I won't speculate, or whether it's her or my perceptions that have changed.

I heard of Benighted (yeah, usonian here) through Slacktivist, and while I was reading it last month, found myself wondering whether you had had Jesu in mind at all when writing Lola. (Though I very much doubt it, considering the publication date.)

I also just want to say, the part where she makes Paul literally sing is satanically gorgeous.
Can't call yourself Kit if you ain't catching mizes ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)
Hi Interloper, nice to have you here! And thank you for the kind words. 'Satanically gorgeous' just makes my morning. :-)

You have a lovely day too, Tez.:-)
Oh, and no, Lola wasn't based on anybody in particular - I only started hanging out at Slacktivist well after finishing the book. On the whole, I try to avoid basing characters on real people; it makes them harder to fictionalise, and runs the risk of hurt feelings if you portray them as having faults.

Here's a trade secret, though: her nosy neighbour Mrs Kitney was based on a salewoman who measured me for a bra once. (Nice woman, actually, she just had a slightly disconcerting air of conspiracy over what I considered a fairly unremarkable purchase.)
"You is ungrateful Febreezer."

This is the line that made me spit coffee on my keyboard. LOL.
Oh, and here I thought I was the only one to have bought your book (Bareback here :)) after reading a comment about it on Slacktivist. Thoroughly impressed with it, too.

"Ungrateful Febreezer", indeed! Brilliant.
Why, thank you! :-)
Question... is Wolfsspur also yours? (I tried to email you but it bounced.)
Yes, but it's a translation of Bareback into, I think, German...
Hee. O hai, Mika! Ur a pretty kitteh, kind of like smal girl version of mai old kitteh Butterscotch. Congratz on ur mousez!

Anonymous, no, it must be at least a dozen of us by now who've bought Benighted because of Slacktivist!

I do hope Jesurgislac is okay, and comes back from her vacation much happier with the world. I usually find her extremely insightful, and the once or twice lately she's said something that disturbed me I wondered what was up.

Anyway, Mika can nao rest assured that I have finally bookmarked her human's blog to read, so her future adventures will not go unread!
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