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Monday, March 24, 2008


A conversation

Kit: Mika, dear, we need to talk.

Mika: Noww?

Kit: Yes, now. Please get off the curtains.

Mika: Fite the curtins!

Kit: No, get down. Down. Come on, honey, if you don't get down I'm going to lift you - okay, thank you. Now Mika, we need to discuss our agreement. You remember our agreement?

Mika: You strokes Mika, Mika purr?

Kit: No, not that one.

Mika: Strokes Mika!

Kit: Okay, honey. But we did have another agreement, remember? It was about mousing?

Mika: Mika purr. What are mowze?

Kit: See, that's the point. We agreed you'd have tenure in this house, full room and board, entertainment, medical expenses paid...

Mika: Mika had sore eye.

Kit: That's right, honey, and I took you to the vet, you remember?

Mika: Nasty mean you put nasty drops in eye! Nasty! Mika trust you and you put mean drops in eye!

Kit: Honey, it made your eye better. Now, you'll agree that we've provided medical care, and food, and played with you?

Mika: Fite your leg! Bite it! Mika strong!

Kit: I'll take that as a yes. Now sweetie, there's a problem with the mice. There are scrabblings in the roof. And droppings in the kitchen. And somehow, despite our agreement, you aren't catching any mice.

Mika: Wuv?

Kit: Yes, we love you very much. But we need to talk about our contract. You did great on the aptitude tests. You've caught every ball we've thrown for you, pounced on all the toys, chased leaves like a proper little mouser. We know you've got it in you.

Mika: Mika can fit whole head under your arm, look!

Kit: Mika baby, are you ever going to catch the mice for us?

Mika: What are mize?

Kit: Are you even listening?

Mika: Mika nice. Wuv.

Kit: Oh ... well, you really are cute...

Mika: Prrr...

No evidence of mice here. Maybe Manny stops them before they get in the house. But I often see Manny chasing skinks in the backyard, so I save them by shutting the cat inside ;-)

Mind you, Manny spends most of his time sleeping somewhere inside the house...and Mika probably does the same - it's hard work living with a writer ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)
We have mice here. Obviously I can't directly blame Mika for that, but there's a pattern, surely.
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