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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Peter Morgan!

Ooh, ooh, look! There's been a new Peter Morgan script filmed! It's called The Special Relationship and it's about Tony Blair and Bill Clinton!

Peter Morgan, for those unfamiliar with the work of the man I'd consider the best scriptwriter in England, specialises in biopics, looking at big personalities during turning-points of history. The Last King of Scotland, which deservedly won many awards, is a portrait of Idi Amin; Frost/Nixon follows David Frost's extraordinary achievement in getting Richard Nixon to confess on television; The Damned United follows legendary football manager Brian Clough's short and disastrous stint at Leeds United; Longford is about the idealistic Lord Longford's controversial attempts to get murderer Myra Hindley paroled. He's also the author of the 'Blair trilogy', beginning with The Deal, about how leadership of Labour went to Blair instead of Brown, then The Queen, a sympathetic look at Elizabeth II in the week following Diana's death and Blair's attempts to get her to address the public. The Special Relationship is going to be the third in this.

I can't wait.

I like biopics, or at least I like good ones, and Peter Morgan's scripts vary from excellent to superb. He fictionalises to varying degrees, but he has an amazing ability to capture the feel of a whole moment in history as well as a distinct and fascinating psyche. If you haven't seen his work, you really owe it to yourself to check it out.


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