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Thursday, October 08, 2009


I'm gonna be ON the BBC!

Yes, with no apparent connection to my praising the BBC, I am going to be on television this Friday! 

Specifically, I'm going to be a talking head in a little film insert for Newsnight Review. Two very nice and charming people came round my house last night with a camera and some surprisingly bright lights and filmed me saying stuff.

This Friday, Newsnight. Which you can download for a week after from BBC iPlayer if you don't get the BBC. Tell everyone you know. 

The details of the programme are now up. Looks interesting!
Did not like!

That woman did not sound like the Kit Whitfield in my head.

Most upsetting!

We can get BBC Radio on the iPlayer, but it turns out, not BBC TV. "Available in the UK only," they sneer.

So I'm sure it went well, but I still don't know what you sound like.

Verification word: dissab. The BBC's policy fills me with disapproval and abhorrence. In fact, I dissab it entirely.
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