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Saturday, October 31, 2009




This concludes our Halloween broadcast.

It's not very scary, but I'm ill, so leave me alone.

*Later addition: someone said elsewhere that they were afraid to comment on this, because of, well, the 'leave me alone' thing. This is merely me grumping because I am ill, not an actual demand that everyone leaves me alone. If anyone has any scary stories to share, scary movies to recommend, recipes, pictures of their pumpkins or other Halloween-related stuff, I'd actually really like to hear about it. The pumpkin picture above is one that I carved based on a design by my husband, from a few years back; this year's pumpkin is a cat face in honour of Mika, but I haven't had the energy to put my picture of it on the computer yet. Maybe I'll put it up next Halloween...

Hi Kit, hope you're feeling better.

Here's a picture for Halloween:

and a poem for today, All Saints Day:

Word: phoggic. Photographically suitable for the topic at hand.
And one more, belatedly, if you're still checking-- but I'm getting quite fond of that APOD site, and I thought of this post when I saw today's picture:
Halloween Moon
I am really impressed with the pumpkin and was wondering who had carved it!
Good for you! I lack any ability at these kinds of things. So, I admire people who have artistic skills!
Aw, thanks! In fairness, I feel I should confess that it's my husband who does the designs; I just cut them out. He can draw; me, not so much. :-)

And thanks for the lovely moon...
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