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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Behold, a new-look blog!

A lovely fellow at Random House has brought it up to date.

100% less broken links, too! Congrats!
Looks good.

Just one thing, though: could you make a redirect so that people who bookmarked your blog on the old url (www.kitwhitfield.com/blog.html) are sent through to the new front page? Or ask someone to do that?

And now that I'm de-lurking anyway: I bought Bareback a few weeks ago, and loved it. Very moving, and it made me thing - that's always a plus. :-)

(Verification word is aquedi, hypothetical water-particles that were used in 17th century physics and later abandoned.)
made me thinK, obviously
Oh good. My old bookmark stopped working and when I clicked on the 'blog' link at the top of the page it gave me a 404 error. I was worried you'd taken it down entirely.

resubpor: how I felt about you not having a blog.
Would there be any chance of getting an RSS feed? Blogger does do them, and that's how I keep track of my bazillion blogs these days.
Cool! Love the watery effect.
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