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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A Mikalogue that takes place several times a day

There has been a Mikalogue requested, so here we go. This conversation is a frequent one in our house.

Mika: Feeeed Mika! Feeeeeeeeeed! FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!

Kit: Sweetie, I just fed you half an hour ago.

Mika: Wants more. Feeeed!

Kit: No, honey, you'll run out of food before the end of the day and be hungry all night.

Mika: Won't, is more in bag!

Kit: I know, honey, but the vet and I talked about what would be a good amount of food for you every day, so I measure it out. You don't want to be a fat kitty, do you?

Mika: Don't caaare! Feeeed!

Kit: But if you get fat you won't be able to jump on things so easily. You'll be uncomfortable.

Mika: You is underminin Mika's self-esteem.

Kit: The vet didn't call you fat, sweetie, she just said not to let you get fat.

Mika: Don like vet. Sticks in needles and messes with eyes and always has to go there in horrible box! Now is tryin to starve Mika.

Kit: Not starve you, honey, just keep you healthy.

Mika: Feeeeed!

Kit: Mika. Darling. I've consulted with a qualified professional about the optimum healthy amount of food for you per day. This is what we agreed on.

Mika: Mika is consultin with Mika's stomach. We agrees you should feed more.

Kit: No.

Mika: Is goin to cry at you till you give in.

Kit: If I give you a little bit will you hush up and let me work?

Mika: Yes.

Kit: Okay, here you go.

Mika: ... for about half an hour.

This so reminds me of one of our (now deceased) cats. Like Mika she had been put on a diet and like Mika she greatly resented it. Resenting it involved waking us up in the middle of the night -- often by flinging her body repeatedly against the closet doors.

Any attempts at explaining things (the vet says you will get too heavy to jump up to that window you like, you will be better able to defeat "the evil other one") were useless.

This struggle began before she was ten and went on until her death at the age of eighteen. You have many years of Mikalogues to look forward to.
With eight cats in the house, it would be absolutely impossible to ration any one, or group, of them. I have to leave full dishes out and just hope for self-limiting. And actually, it seems to work--only one of them is noticeably overweight.

Mika is a little beauty. :)
I suspect Mika is feeling lonely and unloved. You're not bringing her little mousies to play with and devour anymore. Play time is what she needs, and a bit of getting fussed over. And a set meal time, which she'll soon be accustomed to.

You'll both survive the ordeal. :)
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