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Monday, December 01, 2008


Poor Mikalogue

Mika: Owww ... oww ...

Kit: Darling, whatever's the matter?

Mika: Mika's eye sooore ... owwww ... doooo something ...

Kit: Oh, poor sweetheart, your eye's infected! Let's take you to the vet's. Come on, into your cat box.

Mika: Noooo! Noooo! Let oooooout! Don't waaanna! Poor Miiiiika!

Kit: It's okay. It's just a short taxi ride to the vet.

Mika: Mika hurts and you imprison her! Cry all the waaaaay!

(Mika follows through on this declared intention.)

Vet: Hello, what's the problem?

Mika: Is not Mika's daaay! Don't liiike this room!

Kit: Sweetie, you've been here before. These are the nice vets that rescued you and looked after you before I adopted you and brought you home.

Mika: Hoooome! Wanna go hoooooome!

Kit: She has an infected eye.

Vet: Oh yes, I see. Well, I think she needs an anti-inflammatory shot and some drops. Just hold her for me, will you?

Kit: Come on, sweetie.

Mika: Let gooooo! Let - agh oh no oh no is stickin needle oh no protect me Kit...

Kit: That's a good girl.

Mika: Hide against you. This is bad world.

Vet: That should bring down the swelling. Now, she needs some cream in the eye too.

Kit: Hold her again?

Vet: If you would, please.

Kit: Come on, baby.

Mika: Hidin against you does Mika no good, for you seize her! This is - oh no oh no is messin with eye -

Vet: I just need to massage it in a bit.

Mika: Owwww! Mmf! Not faaair!

Vet: I know, you don't like that, do you?

Kit: It'll make you better, precious.

Mika: You wrongs. Wanna go home.

Kit: That means a taxi ride, I'm afraid.

Mika: Noo! Cry all the way! Life is haaard!

Kit: Well, you asked me to make you better. This is what it involves.

Mika: You could contrive better solution if wished.

Kit: I really can't, sweetie.

Mika: But Mika needs you to.

Kit: You need your nice medicine that'll make you better. But you know what? The vet also sold me some tooth-cleaning food! Now you don't have to use that horrid stinky toothpaste you hate so much. That's a bonus, isn't it?

Mika: Sniff. So all is good now?

Kit: Well, not quite. Daddy and I are going to have to put the drops in your eye twice a day for a week.

Mika: Nooooooo!

Kit: Poor honey. Would you like a cuddle?

Mika (very quietly): ...yes please...

(Editor's note: this conversation took place several weeks ago, but other posts got in the way. Mika's fine now.)

Please tell Mika that my poor old kitty Ashley is currently undergoing home treatment for an infected anal gland. Things could be ever so much worse. :D

(followed you from Fred's place, relurking now.)
My cat loves going to the vet. They always tell him how big and handsome he is, which makes him insufferable for the rest of the day.
With a bow to Kit's cynophobia, Precious the Shih Tzu sends her sympathy, having gotten through a couple of weeks of eye drops a month or so ago. Precious points out that, as a response to an approaching tube of eye medication, Shih Tzu ju-jih-tzu, while not solving the problem, at least created a satisfying ruckus and recommends the feline equivalent.
poor woojums. :(
{sigh} Mika needs to learn that there is no such thing as sorcery, methinks...
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