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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year Mikalogue

Kit: Go on, baby, say happy new year to everyone.

Mika: What is this new year to which you refer? Mika born in November. Year has been around for weeks. Is Year Two And A Bit of Mika!

Kit: Yes, but it's the beginning of the calendar year.

Mika: Calendar?

Kit: Yes, you know, like the things we have up on the wall.

Mika: If too high to chew, is beneath Mika's notice.

Kit: If you say happy new year, you can have a fish treat.

Mika: Oooh, happy new year! Yum.

Kit: Are you making any new year resolutions? I'm planning on keeping up my exercise regime, and...

Mika: Resolutions?

Kit: You know, when you decide how you're going to be a better person.

Mika: Does Mika really have to dignify that question with an answer?

Kit: ...I guess not. Happy new year, sweetie.

Happy New Year, Kit and Mika!
May the year bring you happiness, as it brings a wedding, a book publication, and all the fish treats you could wish.
Happy new year, Mike and Kit!
Happy New Year, Kit and Mika!

I like Mika's approach to resolutions. I'm abstaining from them myself this year.
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