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Friday, March 07, 2008


Psychoanalyse toys!

My boyfriend sent me this: an extremely unusual online game in which you treat cuddly toys with nervous collapses, involving Gestalt therapy, dream analysis, ECT and all sorts of odd things. Their owners mistreated them, you see. To quote: 'These creatures cannot defend themselves. They cannot run away. Insanity is their only way of escape.'

Not a fast-moving game, more like a little interactive movie, with some really elegant dream sequences. (The 'professional assistance' option is always worth checking, as it tells the story of the patient, and doesn't dock points or anything like that.) Surprisingly involving, after a while.

While it does look very interesting, my real purpose with this comment is to let you know that your email address is bouncing:

"Sorry your message to whitfield_kit@yahoo.com cannot be delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued"
Yeah, sorry about that. It's a dead e-mail account, but I lack the Net skills to fix the page. Completely useless of me, I know, so if anybody's prepared to explain to me how to fix it, I'd be very grateful!

Is there anything you wanted to e-mail me about? You can reach me at kitwhitfield@hotmail.com if so.
I love this "game". Some "stories" work better than others, but it's always a "happy time" when the doll can release its guilt, anger or whatever and go out the door to be a happy doll again.

You can buy the toys "worldwide" via a Pay-Pal account. Click a toy, go to the Therapy Room and click on "Buy ___"
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