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Thursday, February 07, 2008


I'm wearing a scarf indoors

In a centrally heated house.

The reason is this: last week, sick of the palaver of washing and drying my hair every other day, I trotted off to the hairdressers and had a lot of it removed.

Trouble-saving? Yes. But now my neck is cold.

I'm not sure I thought it through quite carefully enough.

What's the silliest haircut decision you've ever made?

Oh dear. I cut my hair quite short once too, trying to achieve the "Meg Ryan" look (I so adored her). Chopped off about a foot of hair for that.

Unfortunately, I was fifteen and...well...let's just say a little underdeveloped. I got called "that little boy" by many a stranger that summer.
It wasn't really a silly decision, just a bit of an oops that was easily rectified.

I'd made plans on New Year's Eve to see A Certain Band play and a bunch of fellow fans of That Certain Band had decided to wear zebra-striped clothing to the event. (Long story why.)

Fortunately, it was back in 2000, when zebra stripe was pretty easy to find. So I was shopping to add a few things to my outfit and found an adorable hat done in zebra print. I tried it on, and it looked fabulous.

Then a little while later, between that purchase and New Year's Eve, I went to my stylist and decided I wanted a pixie cut.

The haircut was great, but then I realized it didn't look as good with the hat as my previous haircut had. (I'd had a sort of chin-length bob before.)

So I bought a wig to wear with the hat to the show. And it was a damn good thing I did, because it was outdoors and freakin' FREEZING, so having wig and hat to keep my head warm made it that much more bearable.
Remember Demi Moore in the movie Ghost?

'nuff said.
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