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Friday, February 08, 2008


Frankenstein's Cat

I'd like to take a moment to plug a new TV show, Frankenstein's Cat, some of which is written by my good friend Joel Jessup. Joel is a very funny guy, so anything of his is worth watching.

Frankenstein's Cat is an animated kids' show, aired at 6pm on CBBC; here's a trailer. I think Joel's episode is on Tuesday - correct me if I'm wrong, Joel - but it's on before that as well. So, if you've got kids or an inner child and are home around 6, tune in...

Yep, I wrote 4 episodes and my first is on Tuesday but the whole series is brilliantly written and animated and highly recommended for fans of classic UK animation. I also wrote a bunch of little 1 minute animations for the show that will be scattered around the TV schedules like cat hair in a house but also available online soon. Thanks for mentioning it, Kit! I'm sure Nine isn't a patch on Mika though.
He's only a patch on himself. Groan.
Can You Make An Episode Where Lottie Plays Guitar Hero And Completes It By Playing Carry On Wayward Son?

P.S. Will Nine Fall In Love?
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