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Friday, December 21, 2007


Who has an inner imaginative animal?

[Kit surfaces briefly, blinking in the light]

Possibly it's the effect of a deadline, but I've come to a conclusion. For the moment, at least, my artistic spirit animal is a rabbit. Freezes with fear if circumstances get too overwhelming; preoccupied with outrunning things that scare it; happy hiding underground (or in nice cosy study); capable of great bursts of speed when the occasion demands; a nice creature, but highly nervy.

I drew a picture of it, or rather several, as you can see above.

What's yours?

My inner imaginative animal is a bear. I'd like to say it's because bears are big and fierce and stuff, but really, it's because they go into hibernation.

Anyhow, I just wandered by to make some encouraging noises and whatnot. I read Benighted and really enjoyed it, and have been recommending it to my friends ever since. It's really a marvelous world you've created, and I'm glad you shared it with us.

Thank you!
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