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Sunday, November 18, 2007


End world hunger

There's this really neat website called freerice.com, where you play a vocabulary game. The site gives you obscure words and a choice of four definitions, and every time you get one right, the sponsors donate ten grains of rice to feed the hungry. A splendid cause and oddly addictive; get over there.

What level did you get to? I get between 38 and 42. Once I hit a lucky streak and got to 45. Soooo fun.

This site would be great for kids studying for college entrance exams (SAT in America) because vocabularly is a large part of that test.
50 or 51, I think. It's interesting - a lot of the words I guessed right, I had no idea what they actually meant, but I guessed based on what sort of shape they were; what other words in the same general categories they sounded like. It was surprisingly effective. Work for you?
At level 50, I was guessing half the time, but a little French, Spanish, Latin and medical terminology made them educated guesses. I agree about the shape of words; some seem more "adjectivish" or "participlish" than others.

Thanks for the link.
Um...I thought it only went up to level 50?

It is amazing how much vocabulary you actually have. So many English words are related to Latin or Greek, so if you know the root, you can guess the word. For example, if it starts with "mal" it probably means something bad.

But at the easier vocabulary levels, even my kids can play. What a neat site. And yes, addictive!
Could well be; I remember seeing a 1 on the screen, but I might be meshing 41 and 50 in my mind... :-)
I hovered in the 40s, made it up to 45 at one point.

And, of course, each one you get corrected on is a nifty new bit of knowledge, so I don't mind too much.
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