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Friday, November 09, 2007


Cute things on Friday

I'm in the middle of a creative retrench, and trying some new ways of working, which may mean slightly longer spaces between blog posts for a bit. Sorry about that. So, to send you on your weekend way, here are two very popular but very cute things off YouTube: a baby laughing hysterically at some bits of paper, and some otters holding hands. I am very seldom in the vanguard of fashion (except in novel-writing, of course, where I'm obviously incredibly cool, avant-garde and happening, buy my book buy my book you are feeling sleepy buy my book), so I have no idea whether everyone has already seen these or not, but I think they're nice anyway.

And, with a view to keeping the blog interesting, is there any subject that anyone would like to discuss/debate? All suggestions noted.

Have a nice weekend!

Why do books always try to derail in chapter four? Really, once you're past the set-up and on your way with the plot, it tries to jump the tracks. After four, things are fine....

Bran fan, (who is feeling great because she's on six)
I've been reading your blog for some months now and although I have not yet, regrettably, read your book, I think you're one of the wisest voices on writing to be had, so I'm de-lurking to answer the call.

What happens when you live with someone and you're both creative types working on different things? Does one person necessarily overshadow the other? Is it reasonable for one person to expect your support and readership? Does that interfere with or drag down the creative process? In short, can two creative people healthily live and work together without driving each other mad?
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