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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Movie news!

Here's an interesting update on how the Benighted movie project is going: they've brought in a new writer: to wit, Patrick Smith Kelly, who wrote the screenplays for Don't Say A Word (which I haven't seen, must add to my LoveFilm list) and A Perfect Murder, which was rather well written and had a pleasing preponderence of dialogue over explosions. This seems like good news to me: Mr Smith Kelly would appear to be a thriller writer more than a sci-fi one, which suggests he'll do a good suspenseful job on the plot rather than getting too caught up in special-effects photo ops. If you IceRocket for yourself like I do, Mr SK, hello and welcome...

I'd heard this announced on the Internet for a few days, but my agent has just sent me a copy of Variety that confirms it, so there you go.

The movie still remains to be green-lit, so if any of you lovely people live in Hollywood, here's what you have to do: get a copy of Benighted, carry it around with you, and every time you're in a public place where studio execs might be sitting, bury your nose in it, providing the occasional gasp of surprise, laugh of delight, or little tear of emotion for effect. Let's see those copies flourished up and down the streets of Hollywood, people. They pay me more if the movie gets commissioned.

That's good news Kit! I'll do my bit and brandish Bareback about on the local transport systems... here in Warsaw :-(

Hoping the green light lights up soon!
Awesome. I didn't even realize there was a movie project in the works at all, but I'm excited to hear it. I gladly submit to any guerrilla marketing scheme you can cook up.
Yep, Warner Brothers bought the rights last year. Graham King is producing; Andrew Adamson is supposed to be interested in directing, but that's not a sure bet at this stage...
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