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Friday, October 26, 2007


Hispid frogfish

Last weekend I saw some of these in the Horniman Museum; this weekend, you can watch them on YouTube. Hispid Frogfish. Bright yellow fish. That wave what the museum called a 'fleshy lure' on top of their heads (this one shows his about 35 seconds in). With elbows.

Cool. I might have to visit the Horniman again at some point to see them. I remember going to the Horniman every so often on school trips when our teacher wanted to give us a change of scene. I haven't been back there since.
Oh, it's been spiffed up since then! They've still got all that Victoriana stuffed animal malarkey, but there's a nice little aquarium in the basement and, well, all sorts of stuff. And the gardens are lovely. :-)
By the way, PJ, your website with all the pink and black flowers is really pretty. Did you draw it yourself? It's a great design.
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