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Thursday, September 20, 2007


My feet are cold

I have Achilles tendinitis, and the osteopath told me I should be wearing slightly higher heels than usual to support my tendon. It seems to be working - there is less pain, anyway - but the only shoes I've got that answer are a pair of strappy summer sandals.

Now my toes are cold.

It's a hard, cruel world.

I've decided to cheer it up with this: a song I always loved as a kid. Kermit the frog singing 'Carribean Amphibian'. It's hard to feel down while watching that song.

Got size 7 and half feet, Kit? (Anyone know what that is in European? 38 I think?) I have the opposite problem, with a bunion that makes high heels hurt my feet. I'll trade you my high heels for your flats.
You need tights! (I bought a bright red pair yesterday. I feel daring.)

It's 60 degrees here -- 16 C? -- and everywhere, even the train system, still has the air conditioning on full blast. Brr.

Take care of your feet! Both of you. You may need them later.
I'm size 7, which is 40 in Euro. And actually I bought a nice warm pair of shoes today, so I feel a bit better. :-)
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