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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Go Lithuania!

Here's a groovy bit of news: Lithuania has just offered to buy the rights to Bareback/Benighted.

Click here and we can all sing their national anthem together.

Congratulations on your slow-but-steady conquest of the world. (I for one welcome our new SF-novelist overlords...)

Can I take this opportunity to ask you another one of those questions-about-writing that you're sometimes good enough to answer?

When you had a finished draft of your book that you were pleased with, did you get anyone to read it for you before submitting it places? (Friends, relatives? Some kind of professional reader?) Did you get any useful feedback from anyone before it started going out to agents?
Congrats on the sale!

But so help me, the youtube video reminded me of the closing credits from "Borat."
Thank you both!

Anon - it's a good question; I'll prepare another post in reply and put it up when I think it makes sense...
Congrats! Because, as we all know, "lit" comes first in Lithuania.

*starts digging...*
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