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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Okay, technical question

It goes like this: I draft an article in Blogger to be posted at a later date. I format it with a single line break to indicate paragraphs. I save it.

And then I come back and find there are two line breaks between every paragraph. If I do nothing and come back later, there are three. If I do it often enough, I wind up with more white space than text. And if I try to correct it, I'm liable to miss something and wind up with lumpy formatting.

It's particularly awkward as, you may have noticed, I can be prolix. We're not talking about correcting the spacing between maybe two or three paragraphs. I go on and on. That's an awful lot of needless fiddling every time I want to de-archive something and post it.

This is irritating the heck out of me. Does anybody know what's causing it and whether I can stop it?

It does the same to me too, especially if I start adding pictures to the post. I have yet to find a way to stop it from happening, though I did find the quickest way to fix it is taking out the spaces in the Html editing window, rather than the normal input tab. If anyone has a solution, I'm eager to hear it as well.
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