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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My X theory

Here's the theory: movies with 'X' in the title tend to be rather good. I'm thinking about Citizen X, and American History X, and Malcolm X, and even the X-Men movies.

Is this theory correct? Let's hear other evidence.

X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes is pretty good for a Roger Corman sci-fi film.
Jason X? Well, while far from being the Citizen Kane of the slasher genre, it was considered to be the best Friday 13th sequel for a while. Maybe the addition of the X was responsible for that, despite being almost cancelled out by the Jason.
X-Files the movie? Haven't seen it so can't judge. Plus as a tv-series spin-off it may be immune.
This is good news indeed. My critique partner is working on a book called Catch-20XX. If the X helps it achieve success, that would be a huge bonus.
I enjoyed the X-Men movies without fail. Though I know someone is going to ask, what about titles with XXX in it? Though one could argued for those action flicks...
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