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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I've been talking a lot recently...

So I figure now's a good time to let someone else get a word in. Here's a topic: tell me about something you'd really love to see.

I'll start it off: when I was a kid, I read somewhere that if you go up in an aeroplane when the weather conditions are right, you can see a completely circular rainbow. I always wanted to see one of those.

But then, imagine my delight when I noticed you can see them down on the ground! Look at street lamps on a misty night. You get a glowing sphere of light, edged with a rainbow...

So, let's hear: what would you like to see?

It involves TV's Gillian Anderson.

More than that I ought not to say.
I hope to see the Aurora Borealis with my own eyes. Not too far-fetched, I think.
What Josh said!!!!

(That and India. Any small bit will do.)
What I really want to see is a publishing contract. With my name on it.

Ohhhh, even more fun. I want to be on a bus or a plane and see a stranger reading my book, and really seem to be enjoying it.

Has that ever happened to you, Kit?
Not to me personally, but my US editor Betsy told me she saw a guy walking through Grand Central Station with his head buried so deep in the book that he wasn't looking where he was going ... Now there's a guy I hope got home safely.
I think I'd like to see Mars. Up close. Or maybe Europa.

Okay, that isn't going to happen, but it's way cool to think about.
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