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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


All the ducks are swimming in the water!

Okay, if anyone's sad today, you need this: Lemon Jelly's music video of 'Nice Weather For Ducks'. The happiest, cutest music video ever.

For the record, I love Lemon Jelly's music, though every time I tell someone their name, they look at me as if a cockroach just crawled out of one of my nostrils.
Yeah. I tried LSD once too....

Nice one bran fan - you beat me to it. Let's all get back to 1967!!! (Although, to be fair, it is agreeably touchy-feely.)

Okay, so that was WAY more interesting than my job.

(which brings me to)

HEY! Are you sitting at the computer YouTubing instead of writing, Miss Thing?

No, I's writing too. That video has long been a favourite, and I thought I'd had a fairly criticise-everything week and could do with something bouncy for a change. :-)
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