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Monday, June 11, 2007


Making sweet love

Okay, you've got to see this: there is a chocolate Kama Sutra!

(I can't say for certain whether this is work-safe or not; I mean, it's got naked chocolate people in a variety of gymnastic positions, but whether your boss will consider it about sex or sweeties is probably going to be a judgement call. Still, you have got to see it.)

What will I discover next time I go a-surfin? The Internet has many strange and wonderful things...

Umm..I'm less curious as to what you will discover next as to what exactly you were looking for this first time when you came across this...

Well... Actually I just Googled for 'chocolate' images when I was finding the chocolate frog I posted for Chris on the last thread. And lo and behold, there it was!

The Internet is a remarkable place.
Well... um, if you're going to involve me, I thought the froggy was just fine, although these images are rather nicer to look at. :-)

Mind you, you have to be a flippin gymnast with some of those positions!
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