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Wednesday, May 09, 2007



I have tadpoles in my garden! Having moved to a house with a tiny pond out back, I've been vaguely wondering if I should do something ecological to it - but lo and behold, the other day I looked into it, and my idle gaze fell upon about fifty little tadpoles, all minding their own business in a cutely aquatic sort of way.

What I'm going to do if they all hatch and I have fifty frogs in my garden, I'm not quite sure.

Here's an ancient and oddly addictive game called Frogger that you can play online, to celebrate. It's a hard world for little frogs.

Oh, Kit! Thanks for the link to frogger. I remember playing that game on in an actual video arcade for 25 cents a play.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but this game seemed harder. I only ever got two frogs across. Still, it was great good fun anyway, and a good way to procrastinate for a few minutes before getting down to some serious writing.

And remember, frogs eat bugs. Twenty frogs in your garden is better than hoardes of insects.
cool game and having lots of frogs about will be ace, frogs are cool.
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