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Monday, May 07, 2007


It's finally happened!

I was idly internet-seaching for myself, and it's finally come to pass. After eight months in print, gracefully ignoring sniggers about the double-entendre of the title, Bareback has turned up a mention on a gay porn site. (No I'm not going to link to it, you can find your own porn.)

I am most entertained. I fear the strapping young gentlemen disporting themselves on said site may get a bit of a disappointment if they actually read the book - but then again, who knows? I'd like to think it was an entertaining read, even if it does lack 'sporty straight lads' having it away with one other.

Giggling up my sleeve aside, I'm pretty pleased: eight months is a good long time to wait before somebody genuinely gets the wrong end of the - gets the wrong idea about what the title means. My faith in the book-buying public has been vindicated; I always thought that most people would have enough sense to know the difference.

But if they're all straight, how come they're having sex with each other? It's a mystery to me.


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