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Monday, April 16, 2007


The reason for the radio silence involves paint. Lots of paint.

Okay, okay, sorry about the dearth; I'll be back soon. Painting the living room was supposed to take two days, but then the badly-applied lining paper ripped, and we discovered decentish plaster underneath, so we decided to strip it all, and then we had to steam it, and then when we tried to paint the plaster flaked so we had to put PVA on it ... oh, it's boring. But the short version is, decorating got out of hand, and the computer is buried under a variety of dustsheets, so I'm in an Internet cafe with West Side Story playing on the video screens overhead. But it'll be finished soon, promise, and then I'll come back and try to be interesting.

What to say in the meantime? Well, not much has been happening apart from getting covered in paint. I have an interview with an Italian journalist tomorrow, which feels kind of posh, (Bareback is shortly being published in Italy by Einaudi) - although I have a mental image of some Gucci-chic elegant icon spotting the bits of paint I couldn't get out of my hair and raising a delicate eyebrow at my recently-washed but kind of scruffy outfit (my smart clothes not having been unpacked yet, nobody knows where they are), but I'm sure she's nice really.

Did I mention I'm covered in paint?

The best dessert is an English cream tea. There's a lovely cafe round here that does them, and they're delicious.

Despite the horrors of moving, my new neighbourhood is wonderful and I love it here. There are trees! Lots of trees! There are parks! People tend their front gardens! It is green and I am so much happier. Never neglect the importance of greenery when choosing somewhere to live.

Well, I think I hear paint calling. In the meantime, if you're bored, let me recommend two of my favourite webcomics: Home on the Strange, and Questionable Content (the latter responsible for the incredibly useful concept of Quantum Fetish Mechanics). I personally don't pretend to get all the references (it helps if you know a bit about sci fi for the former and indie music for the latter, and neither are things I'm that knowledgeable about), but they've got great characters and stories, and they're funny and involving and very entertaining. Give them a try.

I'm going to say the word 'paint' again, because I sometimes find it entertaining to hear words continually reused in different places, besides which it tells you something about my day.


Sorry. Sensible service will be resumed at some hopefully not-too-distant point in the future.

At least you've got fumes along with the paint, right? Serves some entertainment function. Glad the web-silence is caused by PAINT and not PAIN. Important distinction.
And don't worry - your fanbase waits patiently for your return... :-)
Ah, yes, I have fond (NOT!) memories of the lining paper that comes off when you try to paint it...except of course when you want it to come off. Aaargh!
Thank you all... Man, my hands ache. But my living room is now white instead of disgusting salmon pink! Yay!
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