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Friday, March 23, 2007


Ordered a Dell computer?

I just got a phishing e-mail saying that my order for a Dell computer had been confirmed, and would be sent once my bank details had been confirmed.

I never ordered a Dell computer.

This is a horrible steal-your-money scam. If you get one and have recently bought a Dell, be warned.

Seen a lot of those emails myself lately. "We've approved your loan application." "Thanks for your Viagra purchase!"

So, they're not only sending me offers of Viagra and debt, but now have the nerve to assume I'd just go ahead and buy it? What's next? Do I need to wait for the delivery man to show up at the door, assuming I'm gonna sign off on the two-ton crate of Cialis he got an order for? Gah.
I've become almost immune to these phishes, but that in itself is a bad attitude--necessary to stay alert, sigh. I remember one from a few years ago that congratulated me on signing up to receive gay dating messages, and saying that if I wanted to unsubscribe, I should call this number. Yeah, I'm not that stupid, guys!
Ah, the dating scams. I got one on my mobile phone once. 'Someone who knows you wants to ask you out!', said the message. 'Well,' I reflected, 'they can't know me very well; it's not like I keep my boyfriend a secret or anything...'

Right now I'm getting deluged with offers to enlarge my penis, which is driving me crazy. Is my penis too small? (checks) Why yes, yes it is! It's so small I can't even see it! Quick, bring me sugar pills, snake oil and unnecessary surgery!

I sort of feel an urge to take my hat off to the gay dating messages idea, though. It's got style; I can just hear the cries of 'Agh! No! Not the gay!', followed by frantic dialing. I've got lots of reasons why you shouldn't be homophobic, but look, here's another one. It'll cost you money!
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