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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Wicked fairy time

Okay, you've given your godchild three wishes for a good life. You walk out of the chapel, feeling pretty fine about everything ... and then you hear the bells ringing in the next village.

By the time you get there, the christening is over. And you know what? It's that couple you did so much for over the years! You were supposed to be fairy godmother to the kid, and they didn't even invite you! All they did was invite your three sappy cousins, who wished the little brat to have beauty, health and long life, of all the boring things.

It's payback time. You have one wish with which to stitch the ungrateful little moppet up properly. What will it be?

My starting point: she'll always believe someone who tells her what she wants to hear over someone telling the truth.

The beauty will only be on the inside.
She will believe that this is the best of all possible worlds.
To believe everything men tell her.
Unceasing paranoia.
To believe in a loving all-powerful creator god while all around her is death and destruction.

Or is that too Evil?!
I think Evil is the whole point, or counterpoint, if you want, to the creator god bit in the first place.
C'mon Kit, which of us was evillest?

*spritzes on a little Evil Mojo Bodyspray*

--made by the company that brought you Eau'de'Cthulhu, BansheeBlizzardBlast, and that popular Ragnarok fragrance LokiSmoki---
I'm not saying who was evillest! You are all winners.
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