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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Kit on the radio

Fancy hearing my dulcet tones? Here's a podcast: me being interviewed on an Australian radio show called Faster Than Light, partway through the program...

Interesting - I hadn't expected Kit to have that broad Flemish accent.

And the language! I've never heard so much swearing in such a short period of time!

Even so, a good listen.
You're clearly pulling my leg, anon, but you gave me a moment of existential fear ...

I'd just been drafting a potential blog post in which I mentioned misconceptions people get about me/my book - and one of them is that lots of people think from my accent that I'm part American/Canadian/Australian/South African... (I'm none of those things; I'm part Irish, but I've lived in England all my life.)

Suddenly someone is posting about my accent! Have you been hacking into my blog drafts? Are you reading my e-mails? Are you the one responsible for the voices in my head?!

My pills! Where are my pills?
The book sounds interesting. I'll have to order a copy off Amazon.

Wisecracks about accents and dulcet tones aside, you do have a pleasant speaking voice.

Thanks for the invite to your blog from Miss Snark's site, BTW. There is a lot of good stuff here and I've already been back three times.
Hello, nice to see you! And thanks for the compliment. Do let me know if you've got any questions or advice requests (not that I'm omniscient, but I'll do my best) - heck, I'd enjoy it, it gives me material for the ever-gaping maw of this blog. (Everyone, this is Kingm from Miss Snark's blog, who's trying decide between offers and semi-offers from a variety of agents.) Anyway, welcome. :-)
Next time could you get your fellow on as well? I assure everyone here that his voice is like that of a male angel from the BBC in the fifties.
What do male angels sound like nowadays, then? Have the gone all Mockney?
Thanks, Kit. I just signed on today with Kim Whalan at Trident Media, so that's all settled and I'm very, very happy. Sorry for the hijack of the thread...
Hijack it all you like! That's terrific news, congratulations!
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