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Friday, January 12, 2007



I'm feeling pernickety today and I want to clear up certain misapprehensions:

1. My name is Kit. Not Kim, Kit.

2. That is short for Katharine, not Christopher. According to such evidence as I can gather, I am in fact a woman.

3. That's Katharine, not Katherine. I'm talking to you, hotel clerk who wrote it down with an E while I was standing right in front of you spelling it out. You really ought to listen to me: I actually do know how my own name is spelled.

4. I am English. Not British; that's like saying someone from New York is 'North American'. Britain is a political entity, England is a country, and that's where I'm from.

5. Yes, my accent is English; it's not American, or Australian, or Canadian, or anything else. (Non-English people will be bewildered at this one, as I sound pretty English from the outside, but my countrymen sometimes get this wrong. I have an Irish mother, which leads to the odd confusing vowel, but really: I grew up in London, I've never spent more than a month at a time abroad. I really am English. Honest, guv.)

6. There are two words for 'werewolf' in my book: 'lyco' and 'lune'. The former means someone in their normal state, ie during the daytime. 'Lune' is what you call it when they're being a wolf; the verb is 'luning'. Four legs lune, two legs lyco.

7. That's 'lyco', not 'lycan'. 'Lycan' is out of the movie Underworld. The laws of artistic magnetism dictate that anyone who likes Underworld will hate my book and vice versa. It is a fact of physics. Saying the word 'lycan' in the vicinity of my book makes it spin around in rapid circles like a compass needle in a magnet factory. Then I have to lock it in a lead-lined box until it calms down. Then my other books get worried I'm going to incarcerate them. It's a whole nuisance, and you could spare me a lot of trouble getting it right.

Right, that's the grumbles out of the way for the day. Think about monkeys. That makes any day better. Or whale sharks. Or servals. Or else go and eat some cake. Go on, it's okay, I've told you to do it, which automatically removes the calories.

Kit Whimfield, got it.

Mmm, whale sharks...
I think I must be immune to the laws of artistic magnetism, as I really rather enjoyed Underworld and the ninety-nine pages or so I've read of Bareback have had me enthralled! Admittedly, Underworld is dummer than a lobotomized sheep but it is fun...
Well, glad you're enjoying the book!
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