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Friday, January 19, 2007


Game on!

Right, my friends, this is it: Bareback, the game.


The lovely people at Hyperlaunch have designed a game to advertise the paperback version of the book. (Which, for anyone new, is a book referred to as Benighted in the States, for scurrilous reasons you can read about in the FAQ. It's just come out in paperback in the UK, and it must SELL!)

The game is a kind of Silent Hill meets early Grand Theft Auto affair, in which you get to go around shooting at things, and it's tremendous fun, with intro copy written by none other than yours truly.

Here's what I'd like you to do. First, play it. Have a good time. See if you can beat my score; by all means post here crowing about your prowess if you're so inclined. As long as you follow request 2, you can boast your heads off. In fact, I'm even going to give you a little tip: You can drive around with up to three wolves at once. If you want to go for big points, unload them at the shelters in batches, rather than one at a time. You get many more points that way.

Second, forward it. To everyone. Everyone you know: the ex you're not speaking to, the boss who said he'd fire you if you misused company e-mail again, the nosy neighbour who keeps complaining about how you wash your windows . . . The lot. If you have a blog or other website, feel free to feature or link to it. This is viral marketing, and you can be viruses, the first link in the chain, the cyber Typhoid Marys. Then, a month or two from now, when everyone in the world is playing it, you can say, 'Ah yes, but I was forwarding it ages before everyone jumped on the bandwagon.' And I will support your claim, because you are my readers and by definition cooler, all-that-ier, trend-settingier people than anybody else.

Meme me up, guys.

That's kind of fun. I had a hard time getting the werewolves to the shelter before they woke up, though.
An creative promotional idea. Just broke 400 points. Consider my blog infected by your viral efforts upon the morrow. The only thing they need now is an option where you play the lunes and go after the car. Tell me that's in the works...


I need two right hands for this.
I'm not much of a gamer - but I'm also really, really bad at this game.

It looks great though - I really like the way the headlights sweep through the gloom...
Okay, I went into Waterstones #1 on Saturday and bought a copy of Bareback in paperback. They were hiding on tables at the back of the shop (and I mean, hiding). I looked twice and it was the other half who actually spotted them. There were four copies, one of which was damaged. I suspect they were in hiding because the copies that would have piled them as high as the others had already been sold. Be nice to think so!

I got £2 off :D.

Anyway, we plucked the rest out of oblivion and left them where people could see them.
Excellent work!
In my local Waterstones, the Bareback paperbacks (paperbarebacks?) are, you'll be pleased to hear, nice and visible - at pretty much eye-hight on the big shelves just opposite the main doors...
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