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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


6 word short stories


That's the link to Wired magazine, which had a brilliant idea: get authors to write short stories - as in, six words long. A load of authors responded gallantly, and some of the results are superb.

Would anyone like to play? If so, please post your examples. Here are some of mine:

Wanna break up. Ur 2 emotionl.

Nobody loves a sourpuss. The bastards.

Butler did it. Caught. Cosyness restored.

How hard can it be? Oh.

I'm not repeating my parents' mistakes.

Hello, God. Me again. Still there?

The sign. Death awaits. I tried.
The world changed. They're hiding it.

Big, bright light. Bang! Dinosaurs gone.

He loved her. He was wrong.

Thought better of killing an Arab.

'mdyhqfx' was his Word Verification string.

Thought crime is death. Poor Winston.

Fahrenheit 451. Too hot to handle.

Lovecraft: gibbous moon, dark, tentacles. Ugh.
Then I woke up. Just kidding.

Memory loss. What? Memory loss. What?
Keep 'em coming, guys, I'm really enjoying this... :-)
Incoming anomaly. Call for help - NOW!

Too many ramifications; here, there, everywhere.

Last sun. Chaos reigns. What future?

Wholsale slaughter, but no one cared.

I'm so tired. Time to sleep.

He died trying; they died laughing.
Jesus cheats at cards. Marks them.

Got beat up by a bear.

Hit the brain next time. Aim?

Staples are not edible. Try again.
One more.

Immortality achieved. Chronic boredom sets in.
How about these?

Professor - re: zombie incident: You're fired.

Circus leaves town. Gnawed bones found.

Charred paperback, entitled "Idiot-Proof Dragonology"

Lost city discovered. Airstrike coordinates follow.

For sale: time machine. £6000 US.
Hey, don't feel like you have to stop because you've posted already! This is brightening up my stay-at-home day...
Yesterday. You remember? What sweet love.
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