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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween

If you click on this http://www.theoworlds.com/halloween/, you can carve a pumpkin online. It plays music, so be warned if you're looking at this at work, though.

People should carve pumpkins. That lovely golden glow . . . I came home via New York, and the Halloween decorations were amazing. People had fantastic displays, just piled up on their doorsteps. I've got a pumpkin. I'm going to carve it tomorrow. Last year we had a bat, and before that a spider, so I'm thinking we should do a face this year . . .

It's five thirty-five in the morning and I've had about half an hour of sleep. Thinking of pumpkins makes me slightly happier about this. I think I'm going to go hollow it out and get some use out of my jetlagged insomnia.

Thought you mind find these interesting: http://phrenopolis.com/pumpkins/index.html
Ai! I like 'Torn Apart By Wild Dogs' - it's got a degree of cuteness...
Favorite ways of burning up time: Pondering the answer of life, the universe, and everything (42)...Finding yet another way to organize my music library, and rereading all my favorite webcomics that have been going for 2+ years by going back to the very beginning of the archives.
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